Sunday, November 3, 2013

Good Deed Project: Day 2

About an hour after the shop opened yesterday, a little boy and his mom came in to look for some "rocks."  I was working on some candles and noticed the little boy was taking his time with the gemstones. Looking at each one, reading the descriptions, and choosing the "perfect ones" to add to his little bag.  Every now and then he'd ask me a question, but for the most part he just made his way through stones in silence.

About 45 minutes later he tells me that he is ready to check out. Together we head to the register and I asked him if he found everything he was looking for.  He said yes, he found the perfect rocks to add to his healing bag and he had been saving up his money for weeks to get them.

When he put his five perfect stones on the counter, along with his $5.00 bill, I knew immediately that he didn't have enough money. Let me tell you, that little boy has great taste in stones and picked semi expensive stones to boot. Amazingly enough, as I rang him out, the register came out to exactly $5.00... tax and all!

What was your good deed?