Friday, November 1, 2013

Good Deed Project: Day 1

A few weeks ago a girlfriend of mine, The Enchanted Life, and I decided to challenge each other to perform one good deed a day from November 1 to December 21. As I sit here to write this blog, I find myself wondering... What qualifies as a good deed? Does smiling and saying good morning to everyone I saw even though I was exhausted count? Does allowing numerous cars merge into my lane count? Is a good deed a good deed if I didn't spend any money to perform it? To me, a good deed is any action I perform which helps another person either mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, or financially.  The next 51 days should be a lot of fun!

Good Deed Day 1: This morning I decided to send energy and prayers to everyone who mentioned needing some type of healing to me in the last couple of weeks. 

What was your good deed?


  1. I would have to say that yes, these things DO count! By smiling and saying good morning to everyone, you are opening the door to conversations and to being a good listener, which was part of today's task.
    This project is very exciting - I am happy to be part of it! :)

    Melanie aka Raven

  2. Good Deed Day 1: I tried to be friendly to a person at work that is extremely shy and soft spoken, but she's so drawn in that it's hard to get her accept that I'm not judging her or staring at her. I sincerely would like to be her friend but I don't want to push it.
    Samantha aka 2

  3. Today, I saw my mother's shoe untied so I bent down and tied it for her.

  4. Today, I was exhausted and ready to go home while at work but a co worker lost a family member and called off and her friend was grieving too and wanted to be by her side since they were so close. I offered to do a double shift so that she can grieve and help give emotional and physical support to our co worker and her family.

  5. Today I went the extra mile to make sure that one of my students who attends class virtually was doing well and felt included. I sent her an email making sure she felt like part of the class and asked if there was anything I could do to improve her experience.